Advice for Tummy Troubles

Question :

My long coated GSD has had a runny tummy for a few weeks and is beginning to look rather lethargic. We’ve been to the vet and had the usual antibiotics, but he’s no better. The vet is sure there’s no infection.

Is there an alternative treatment which might help boost his immune system naturally?

My Reply :
1) Yogurt is a natural probiotic to help replace flora that was killed by the antibiotics. Mix it with your daily food.

2) Some high end foods have probiotic bacteria in them to aid in digestion. Try one of these foods.

3) Your vet can recommend other probiotic supplements which are far more concentrated such as FortiFlora. This can quickly return balance to the digestive tract.


Short Bio – Canine Behavior Expert

Pack Life is Good

My UGA degree is in Psychology, with focus on animal behavior and young children.  I have spent thousands of hours studying pack dynamics and social behaviors to learn to communicate with dogs on their level in a clear and positive way.

I have fostered and lived with over 100 dogs of all breeds, personalities, and problem behaviors.  I always have 15-20 dogs living in my home.  Five personal dogs and 10-15 foster dogs make up my pack.  I set the tone for my dogs, and they set the tone for the rest of the pack.

I foster for Circle of Friends Animal Society (COFAS),  a caring and dedicated group that is 100% volunteer.  I have been in charge of the behavioral rehab and training for the past 4 years.   I take in the dogs with larger behavioral problems.  I have taught puppy classes, basic agility, obedience, and I work with fear, aggression, and anxiety cases individually.  I enjoy challenging cases, often where other professionals have failed.

J.M. Stewart