Short Bio – Canine Behavior Expert

Pack Life is Good

My UGA degree is in Psychology, with focus on animal behavior and young children.  I have spent thousands of hours studying pack dynamics and social behaviors to learn to communicate with dogs on their level in a clear and positive way.

I have fostered and lived with over 100 dogs of all breeds, personalities, and problem behaviors.  I always have 15-20 dogs living in my home.  Five personal dogs and 10-15 foster dogs make up my pack.  I set the tone for my dogs, and they set the tone for the rest of the pack.

I foster for Circle of Friends Animal Society (COFAS),  a caring and dedicated group that is 100% volunteer.  I have been in charge of the behavioral rehab and training for the past 4 years.   I take in the dogs with larger behavioral problems.  I have taught puppy classes, basic agility, obedience, and I work with fear, aggression, and anxiety cases individually.  I enjoy challenging cases, often where other professionals have failed.

J.M. Stewart



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